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Indoor Air Quality Matters

Poor Indoor Air Quality Will Impact Your Health

Poor indoor air quality can have negative affects on your heath, including worsening asthma and allergy symptoms and be problematic for persons with respiratory conditions.  There are many allergens floating in the air, like pollen, dust, dirt and pet dander.  An HVAC system that does not properly filter and ventilate air will fail to remove these airborne allergens.  Even without a known health condition, it is not uncommon to develop a cough, headache, fatigue or watery eyes when living in a home with poor air quality.

Installing an air filtration system or if your home has a modern HVAC system that has an air filtration system built directly into it, it is simple to improve indoor air quality.  Once the system is in place, proper HVAC maintenance will insure your home’s air quality is maintained.  Regular scheduled maintenance includes checking to ensure air is circulating and does not contain allergens, vents and registers are checked, filters are changed and the system is inspected for overall functionality.  

Proper maintenance can also counteract costly energy expenses.  Poor indoor air quality leads to high energy expenses.  The contaminants floating in the air will cause the HVAC unit’s air filters to clog quickly, which reduces the system’s ability to heat and cool the home efficiently.  A dirty air filter could easily reduce a unit's efficiency up to 15%.

The entire system in your Winchester, VA or Shenandoah Valley home can be inspected by a professional HVAC contractor for indoor air contaminants and make recommendations on which type of air filtration system will work best to remove them.  

Our professionals at Advanced Integrated Mechanical Specialists are experts in HVAC installation and maintenance as well as services to improve your homes air quality. 

Contact us today by visiting our website or by giving us a call at (540)773-4741. 

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